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Current Prayer Requests


Please pray for me and my boyfriend Jesse. We love each other very much and have been together for a while, but he's been through a lot emotionally and a lot of trauma in his life, so he has walls that go up and down, that he fights hard against. With prayer his walls are starting to come down and it's amazing watching the LORD working. Please pray for his walls to come down and for his health problems. I know the LORD can break down his walls and help his health. Also, he has a lot going on right now, so we're not able to see each other as much lately. I know he's feeling overwhelmed. Please pray for us to see each other very soon. It may sound silly but I know being able to give him a hug will help him so much. And to be honest, will help both of us. Thank you so much and GOD bless.


I am Mark Anthony Taylor, I implore and request from you that without self centered motives on my part can there possibly be a church family member who might a extra room for me to live in available from where I can actually leave from and truly go to work. I desire a new and next place to live at in October or November. My prior job sites were Starbucks and Burger King. I had my 7th interview in Rowlett, Texas with Jacob at Panda Express on Wednesday October 13 and Jacob filled the position on Thursday. I am gifted in speaking English and Spanish too. I write in English and Spanish. My hands have worked hard and diligent at El Rancho Supermarket and Burger King.


Eddie D went home to be with His Lord & Savior, Jesus, on July 19th. He loved Jesus.


Hi, I'd appreciate it if you could add this to your prayer requests. My neighbor Michael is heavily involved in Satan worship and is sending heavy occult activity towards me as he knows I'm a believer. He also has become obsessed with stealing my privacy. Please lift me up for protection and that God would work mightily in my situation and dispatch his angels. Also prayers for wisdom, clarity and favor. Thank you.


Requesting prayer from an Elder please: Please pray the door be completely closed, forever, on all sickness of my womb/reproductive system. Pray that God powerfully remove every mountain in the way of His good, perfect and pleasing will for me and for my life. Pray for lasting peace with God, to love God, for a good relationship with God - reconciliation. Pray every plan in alignment with the enemy’s will for me would completely fail. Pray only God’s plans for me would come to pass. Pray God’s kingdom break through and God’s will be done on earth as in heaven. Pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be who God made me to be and live how he wants me to live and for life, love, freedom, healing, miracles and joy like a fountain in Jesus name. Pray for an overflowing abundance of God’s redeeming love, grace and protection. Please also pray for a great thirst for God for my family, friends and loved ones who do not know Jesus or are far from him. Pray for freedom, the gift of faith, and that God tear down strongholds in their minds against God. Pray the Holy Spirit move powerfully in their hearts and lives.