Our Big 3 Goals

As we serve God in the coming months, we have 3 mission-oriented goals that we hope to see completed by July 2023. 

We are calling these goals "The Big 3"

Join us in prayer as we hope to see God exceed our expectations in meeting these goals!

GOAL #1:

200 People on Sunday

Our first goal is to consistently have 200 people attending our Sunday morning services. As of April 1, 2022, our average Sunday attendance is about 125. Our prayer is that by July 1, 2023 we will see 200 people joining us each week.

We know a healthy church is not measured by attendance, but we do feel God is leading us to grow our community numerically over the course of the next year. This goal corresponds with the "win" part of our mission statement.

How Can You Help?

- Invite someone to church!

- Pray that God would use our services to draw in new people who need Him.

- Join us for church this week!

GOAL #2:

90% in Connect Groups

In Fall 2022, we will be launching a brand new model for finding deeper community called Connect Groups. These small groups of 8-15 people will be a place where you can find friends, grow in your faith, and pray for each other on a regular basis. Though there are other ways to get involved, this will be the primary path to finding deeper community and growth within our church.

How Can You Help?

- Commit to joining a Connect Group! As the fall approaches, we will be talking more and more about how to do this.

- Pray that God would use these groups to transform our church members into better reflections of Jesus.

GOAL #3:

90% on Mission

Christianity is not a spectator sport. We are called by Jesus to go and make disciples. That is why we want to see at least 90% of our church body have a missional experience by July 1, 2023. A missional experience involves both caring for someone and having a spiritual conversation with them.

How Can You Help?

- Engage in a Missional Experience! Here is list of current missional opportunities: /missional-opportunities

- Organize a group of people to go and have a Missional Experience together!

- If you have already had Missional Experience, please share it with us here: /my-missional-experience