Missions at Lake Cities

At Lake Cities, we believe that in addition to working through the local church, God loves to work through missionaries and mission organizations. Because of this belief, we support several different missionaries and families who are working to spread the good news of Jesus all around the world. While we are unable to share about all of our missionaries publicly, for safety reasons, some of our current missionaries are listed below. Due to safety and security reasons surrounding the countries they serve in, some of our missionary partners are not listed publicly.

The Martins

Tim and Jenny live and work in Nagoya, Japan, training church leaders as well as working with US military and civilians stationed in that country, and engaging in caring for fellow missionaries. The Martins are longtime members of Lake Cities, moving there with a group of members of Trinity Fellowship Church to
start Lake Cities in 2007. They served the church in different ministries until their departure for the field in 2013.

Both Tim and Jenny were familiar with Japan before they married in 2002, having done a variety of ministries with service, evangelism, one-on-one discipleship and leading Bible studies. They have two children- Hudson and Annalise- whom Jenny homeschools, along with her other ministries.

The Houdashelts

Brad and Abby Houdashelt work with CRU to provide digital gospel outreach and discipleship opportunities, which especially gives users access to Jesus Christ in parts of the eastern hemisphere where they have no other access. Brad and Abby served 17 years in that area, after which their plans changed, bringing them and their three boys to the Orlando area, where they now work to provide tools for people around the world to share the gospel and raise up leaders and their ministries via a digital platform – reaching virtually any nation in the world.

One tool they have developed can be found at  www.godtoolsapp.com  This tool provides help in sharing the gospel and discipling new believers in 80 languages, which allows access to people in 180 different countries.  Recently they celebrated 1,000,000 downloads of this tool.

The Josephs

Abraham and Laura both teach at the International Graduate School of Theology in Manila, where students from nearly twenty Asian (and some African) nations are equipped for ministry in their homeland. Abraham teaches in the theology discipline of the graduate program and is also the director of the school’s academic programs (Dean). Laura teaches in the Partners in Ministry certificate program for wives of degree students. She also serves on the board of Faith Academy, an MK-focused school. They have two children, Abby and Andrew. 

Asia is home to the most unreached people groups, and the church is in dire need of strong leaders to build maturity. The Josephs were called to disciple and give theological training for leaders throughout Asia for the strengthening of the church. Because of the pandemic, all the international students have gone back to their home countries. This has given rise to the development of online programs and has resulted in increased enrollment in all these countries.